A Vibrant Monument

As the first stand-alone library facility since the town’s inception, the new library is a dream come true for the Town of Prescott Valley, one of the fastest growing communities in Arizona.

Glassford Hill, the now-extinct volcano that formed Prescott Valley, was the inspiration for the library’s iconic design. Barton Malow had the opportunity to work with several innovative materials and finishes to help bring architect richärd + bauer’s plans to fruition.

Barton Malow conducted extensive research into the installation and performance of each product to ensure that specified materials would provide long-term value, as well as respect Prescott Valley’s budget and schedule.

For example:

  • The cement board panels on the exterior envelope, chosen to invoke a volcanic feel, were installed up to two-stories high. The installation instructions detailed pre-drilled screw holes and specified a maximum amount of pressure on the screws to prevent the panels from fracturing. This required a delicate balance of screw tightening to ensure the panels were secured to the wall, while preventing the corners from shearing.
  • Certified up to 60 percent recyclable by volume, Alkemi countertops with recycled metal shavings were selected in lieu of plastic laminate for all public countertops. The curved shape of the Council desk posed a particular challenge because if the cuts were off, the piece could not be corrected and would be scrapped – not an option for the project budget. The skilled millwrights from Arizona Custom Millwork successfully installed the countertop with no scrapped pieces.

The Prescott Valley Library has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of patrons it serves. Within months of opening, the number of issued library cards doubled from the previous year, Internet usage increased by 50% and the number of items out on loan increased by 30%. The new building is a vibrant place for the community of Prescott Valley, an exciting addition to the Civic Center complex and a monument to the town’s history.

Alex Ivanikiw, AIA, LEED AP

“'Boredom' does not exist at Barton Malow for me. I continue to enjoy and learn from the diversity of our staff, our projects, the delivery methods we utilize, and our broad base of clients - everyday is a new and great experience!”