NAWIC Women in Construction Week 2018

We're celebrating the power of Women in Construction by highlighting some of the incredible women at Barton Malow. Throughout Barton Malow's rich history, we've been honored to witness the game-changing role women have played and continue to play in not just our company, but the industry as a whole. Discover some of the women at Barton Malow who are making their impact on building with the American Spirit.

Jennifer Younes


"Never stop learning." For Senior VDC Engineer Jennifer Younes, who is currently showcasing her expertise on the Hudson's Site Development project, the power of curiosity is why she gets to work on incredible projects like the Hudson’s Site Development. "the more you’re willing to learn and ask questions from the men and women in the field and/or teams, the more willing they are to share their knowledge with you. Be humble, open and honest while building relationships, which is important to developing trust and respect with one another. With a strong foundation, we can accomplish anything!"

Jennifer Sproul


"The sense of accomplishment you feel when a project that you had a hand in building is complete is second to none." While in college, Regional Marketing Director Jennifer Sproul didn't know if the construction industry was for her. But after 18 years at Barton Malow, she's grateful to be part of the industry.

Ashley Stark


"Learn to be confident and comfortable in your own skin;it's okay to ask the silly questions, to make mistakes, and to sometimes feel like a fish out of water."

Kelsi Klein


"Never stop asking questions and working towards your personal goals! The industry is always developing an there are always new pieces of information and/or technology that we can implement to better our performance and our overall success in the field."

Kara Martini


"I love that this career path is dynamic. I face different challenges all the time and learn something new everyday. I get to work on amazing projects and with great people."

Melissa Money


"We represent only a small percentage of the industry, so it's important to not get lost in the numbers. Be yourself, learn and absorb all you can and most of all, do not be afraid to stand up for yourself!"

Roslyn Henderson


"Be open-minded and don't be too quick to judge. Some of the people you meet in construction will surprise you, and you can learn something from everyone."

Haley Hassler


Take a chance. I thought I needed to know how to do every aspect of a job before I could move into that role. That's not the case! Everyone has something to learn regardless of how long they've been doing their job! Stretch yourself - volunteer for the role for which you might not be totally prepared. I'll bet you will try even harder at it to ensure you don't fail.