Tiger Shark Program Underway

Barton Malow’s commitment to lean construction falls right in line with the lean manufacturing goals and accomplishments at Chrysler’s Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA) plants in Dundee, Michigan. At the South plant, where the Fully Integrated Robotized Engines (FIRE) are now produced, Barton Malow completed the relocation and installation of existing and new equipment to bring the 4-year dormant facility back to life. Barton Malow’s equipment services included:

  • Installation of 50 new machines
  • Relocation of 150+ machines
  • Installation of 2 dynamometers
  • Installation of 30 bridge crane systems
  • Installation of a 3,000 gallon above ground fuel tank
  • Installation of 300 feet of machine flume

In just eight weeks, process lines for assembly, head sub assembly and piston assembly were also installed.

At the North GEMA site, Barton Malow is serving as the construction manager upgrading the plant and utilities to accommodate the Tiger Shark program. The Tiger Shark Program features a 4-cylinder engine using FIAT’s MultiAir technology to improve performance and fuel economy and to reduce environmental impact. This plant will remain in operation throughout construction requiring a phased construction plan coordinating all trades.

Barton Malow is also providing concrete and equipment installation services at the North GEMA plant including retooling and relocating stations on the assembly line; relocating and installing new and existing machine tools in the cylinder block, cylinder head and crankshaft machining lines; installing 25 bridge crane systems; and installing four additional dynamometers.

Mario Garza

“At Barton Malow, I had the privilege to be mentored by the top tradesman in the country. The time they took to teach a young engineer how to build will forever be the foundation of my career. Our trades are the key to the continued success of Barton Malow. ”