Each month Barton Malow's VDC team published a quarterly report. You can view the issue archive on this page.

Fall 2018 VDC Quarterly Report

In our second publication of the VDC Quarterly Report, we are focusing on the full digital lifecycle of a project. How do we know which tools to implement and how can we use technology to prepare us for downstream information bottlenecks and project milestones? How can we assure the data that we turnover at closeout is accurate? We have to approach our initial project strategy by thinking about the end deliverables first. Through this technique, we work backward to determine which supporting digital workflows and project processes will set us up for success.

The Fall Edition of the VDC Quarterly Report highlights the importance of the BIM Execution Plan and VDC-enabled tasks that add value to the decision-making process with the Owner and their final deliverables.

Read the fall 2018 VDC Quarterly Report

Summer 2018 VDC Quarterly Report

Our first issue of the VDC Quarterly Report highlights high-level capabilities of our VDC Solutions team that continue to be adopted by our VDC-enabled workforce. You'll find a brief overview of our primary toolsets that facilitate jobsite communication and collaboration, as well as case studies from various projects in which these Solutions have been implemented.

Read the summer 2018 VDC Quarterly Report