Barton Malow's VDC team publishes a quarterly report. You can view the issue archive on this page.

Fall 2019 VDC Quarterly Report

While value-adding tools and workflows come in various forms, technology is a small, yet potent, ingredient of a successful project delivery recipe. This issue of the VDC Quarterly Report highlights specific project planning and execution technologies that enable us to keep our field teams safe and effective while delivering superior quality on our self-perform projects.

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Summer 2019 VDC Quarterly Report

The AEC industry is ripe for change. Technologies are continuing to emerge and immerse into our daily project workflows as we find ourselves at the beginning of a revolution that will continue in our industry for the foreseeable future. Spectating is not an option. We must learn to adapt to the ongoing disruption and workflow transformation that is becoming the new ‘un-normal’ for all of us. So, how can we prepare ourselves for what’s to come?

The Summer 2019 edition of the VDC Quarterly Report will familiarize you with terminology and transformative toolsets that we're currently researching, developing, and beginning to implement on select projects around the company.​

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Spring 2019 VDC Quarterly Report

Across our organization, we leverage a variety of software tools that help us ‘plan the work and work the plan’. Rather than using just one software application to accomplish an individual task, we typically use groupings of interoperable tools that work in concert together to drive effective solutions across Barton Malow and throughout our projects. Our digital tools play a critical role in how we effectively work with other stakeholders, as well. It is important that we establish a familiar working environment so that we can drive productivity through optimized workforce alignment and teamwide communication methodology.

The Spring 2019 edition of the VDC Quarterly Report highlights some of our primary tool groupings that enhance the way we work together to drive progress on our projects.

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Winter 2019 VDC Quarterly Report

You might not be thinking “baking” when you think of construction technology. Implementing tech on a project is sort of like making a cake. You have access to an entire pantry of ingredients, but you don’t want to throw everything into your mixing bowl. You need to think carefully about the recipe and which combination of flavors are going to result in something delicious when you are through. The baking process is also important; you don’t want to remove it from the oven too soon or wait too long. The same goes when thinking about what kind of technology you need on your site.

The difference is that our “cake” (or project) often needs to last for many months and sometimes years. Project conditions, participants, and milestones evolve throughout the project lifecycle, meaning that the “ingredients” and “baking process” might need to also evolve to suit current needs. Regardless, it’s important to keep the end goal in mind and implement the right combination of tools at the right time to optimize collaboration, communication, and team relationships.

This edition of the VDC Quarterly Report focuses on the tools that keep team members agile, informed, and engaged from beginning to end. Get your hands dirty and keep the heat inside the oven!

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Fall 2018 VDC Quarterly Report

In our second publication of the VDC Quarterly Report, we are focusing on the full digital lifecycle of a project. How do we know which tools to implement and how can we use technology to prepare us for downstream information bottlenecks and project milestones? How can we assure the data that we turnover at closeout is accurate? We have to approach our initial project strategy by thinking about the end deliverables first. Through this technique, we work backward to determine which supporting digital workflows and project processes will set us up for success.

The Fall Edition of the VDC Quarterly Report highlights the importance of the BIM Execution Plan and VDC-enabled tasks that add value to the decision-making process with the Owner and their final deliverables.

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Summer 2018 VDC Quarterly Report

Our first issue of the VDC Quarterly Report highlights high-level capabilities of our VDC Solutions team that continue to be adopted by our VDC-enabled workforce. You'll find a brief overview of our primary toolsets that facilitate jobsite communication and collaboration, as well as case studies from various projects in which these Solutions have been implemented.

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