Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO)

Barton Malow believes in workforce diversity, not just because it makes good business sense, but also because it is the right thing to do. We realize that diversity is no longer just about affirmative action programs and compliance, but it is truly about making diversity a natural way of doing business.

As the make-up of our client base continues to change and become more diverse, we too must evolve in order to continue to meet our clients’ needs. This means broadening our scope and doing our homework so we are prepared to meet the challenges that come with understanding and respecting differences. When we think of our workforce we should visualize an integrated web of people who represent a variety of differences, yet are dependent on one another for total business success. If one part of this web is missing, we are compromised. Our individual differences are the source of our combined strength.

It is our policy to take affirmative action to hire employees without regard to race, creed, color, sex, national origin, age or handicap, including disabled veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam era, and to treat them equally with respect to compensation. This Company will act without discrimination in all employment practices, such as employment, upgrading, testing, placement, demotion or transfer, recruitment, advertising, layoff or termination, recall, rates of pay, overtime or other forms of compensation, benefits and selection for training, including apprenticeship. None of the Company's facilities are to be segregated, classified or limited in any way that would adversely affect the status of any employee.

Female and disabled workers will not be discriminated against due to their gender or disability. They will be judged solely by their qualifications for the particular job, and will receive equal treatment after employment.

Lisa Tolbert

“There is a family-friendly culture here at Barton Malow. Over the years, I've been provided opportunities to grow and develop professionally yet maintain a good balance between work and family. I've been privileged to have great managers who understand and promote this culture.”