As a whole, construction remains one of the most static and least dynamic industries in the world, still using many of the same means and methods first deployed in the 19th century.

Many processes, including communication between invested parties, are outdated and do not foster teamwork. As a result, productivity is falling, and the construction workforce is shrinking.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported the construction industry is in dire need of change given heavy competition for work, current economic conditions, commoditization of materials and services, and sharply negative productivity trends over the last 50 years. This has led to a tremendous opportunity to leverage new technologies within an industry which has historically been innovation-challenged.

Barton Malow has a long history of innovating construction practices, including our leadership in the 1970s to introduce construction management services at-large across the industry. Consistent with the American Spirit found within our company’s core purpose, we are driven to pioneer our services to provide our clients with high-performance results while, at the same time, improving the well-being of our employees.

Our long-term goal is to build innovative and trust-based solutions to double efficiency by our 100th anniversary in 2024. We are executing three distinct strategies designed specifically to drive toward our 2024 Vision:

Optimize Performance, Adjacent Opportunities and Pursue Business Transformation.

The Case for Change

OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE | Most of our innovation efforts will impact our core business. The majority of the benefits come from small improvements to what we do every day. The most powerful forces behind a solid core business are teamwork and continuous improvement. By improving our existing strengths as a company, we encourage a culture of continuous improvement. Barton Malow has many pockets of excellence, and a vital part of optimizing performance is to spread innovation – good ideas that make sense – throughout the organization.

ADJACENT OPPORTUNITIES | Opportunities will arise through businesses that touch our core business. We are builders – it’s what we do. Through adjacent businesses, we hope to find new ways to capitalize on our building experience. The difference between adjacent opportunities and optimizing performance is the ability to start up a new related business or sell a new product or service on the open market.

BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION | Construction projects are infamous for being over budget, behind schedule, and dangerous. We are actively seeking ways to fundamentally change our approach to building through the use of technology, and especially, new business models. Barton Malow has been moving forward preparing for the future; finding the most effective and efficient ways to serve our clients’ growing needs. Using the best means and methods, and based on our successful experiences in today’s market, we aim to help those clients achieve their goals and vision for the future.