Barton Malow Company and Business Diversity Policy

Barton Malow Company aims to assure inclusion of diverse business enterprise firms, which include minority, women, disadvantaged, small, and veteran owned (M/W/D/S/V) in our business through a sound and effective Business Diversity Policy. The goals of the Policy are:

  1. To establish beneficial relationships with M/W/D/S/V firms that will enhance their growth and development
  2. To improve the communities in which we operate; and 3. To enhance the competitive position of Barton Malow.

The Barton Malow Business Diversity Policy is company-wide and includes, but is not limited to joint ventures, contracts, subcontracts, and purchases of goods and services. We will target inclusion opportunities for M/W/D/S/V firms who will receive equal access and a fair opportunity to compete for business. Barton Malow’s commitment extends beyond any legal mandates or the requirements of customers or regulators. It reflects a sincere belief that Business Diversity is a key element to our mutual long-term prosperity and is valuable to the communities where we live and do work.

The commitment to this Policy is a corporate priority and is consistent with our corporate values of Leadership, Partnership, and Empowerment. Barton Malow’s Business Diversity Manager will guide the coordination of our Business Diversity initiatives. All regions, groups and departments are expected to contribute to the success of our Business Diversity Policy.

Ryan Maibach
Chairman and President

Dannis Mitchell

“Barton Malow is committed to fostering a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion on our projects. Understanding that unique experiences and perspectives exist among of our workforce, contractors, and suppliers, we continuously strive to provide an environment that mirrors the communities in which we build, by providing viable opportunities.”