Benefit to Barton Malow Clients

Employee owners recognize the importance of continuous improvement and innovation. Our culture and procedures are geared to push innovation and quality.

When you own a piece of the company, there is additional motivation to provide stellar service. We empower and reward Barton Malow employees to ensure a job is done well.

Benefit to Barton Malow Employees

Rewarding employees Barton Malow benefits like stock ownership and profit sharing helps individuals as well as the company build financial security. Sharing financial rewards acknowledges the collective efforts of many who make success possible. Barton Malow has a long history of sharing with employees and rewarding positive performance. In 1952, Barton Malow became the first construction company in the U.S. to establish a profit-sharing/pension plan to acknowledge and reward employee contributions.

Benefit to Communities

Innovation and giving back to communities are part of our culture. In 1954, we established the Barton Malow Foundation for charitable giving. Now, more than a half-century later, Barton Malow donates on average 5% of its pretax profits every year, measurably better than the majority of U.S. corporations, who give on average 1% of pretax profits to charities. While successful projects, industry recognitions, and reference letters do reflect a company’s accomplishments, there is more to the Barton Malow story. Employees have a poignant history of being compassionate community members. Devoted personnel promote cultural diversity, serve on non-profit boards and participate in youth development organizations. The Barton Malow legacy is enriched by employees who go the extra mile to build communities in the course of building business.

We want to work with people who believe in quality service to one another as well as community development. We invite you to work with us to make life better!