Construction Safety: An Absolute Commitment

Safety is fundamental to our mission. Innovative solutions must always be safe ones. The core values of Barton Malow are Integrity, Partnership and Empowerment; safety is embedded in all three. The commitment we make to our customers, employees, and community requires our activities to be safe. Integrity demands no less. Without safe practices and outcomes, our claim to leadership in our industry would be misplaced.

A Shared Goal

Our commitment starts at the top with our executive leadership. Safe business practices are first on the agenda for meetings of our corporate board, our officers and our senior operations committee.

Our employees are safety advocates at all levels – it takes committed management and worker involvement to create optimal construction industry safety.

Planning and Process

Our construction safety philosophy, Zero Tolerance for Unsafe Acts and Conditions, is more than project-site discipline or safe business practices. It’s about in-depth planning, to identify and eliminate or control hazards. We communicate site-specific concerns to prequalified bidders.

Our clients are included in the entire process. Our involvement with the Construction Industry Institute and Construction Users Roundtable clearly demonstrates that an involved owner achieves better safety results.

Continuous Improvement

Our leading-indicator tracking program identifies conditions or actions that may result in an incident. This is in addition to the safety inspections our project superintendents are required to complete. The information is used to improve both project and corporate safety performance and make us a safe construction company.

Barton Malow has earned an impressive safety record – our EMR reflects a construction safety record substantially better than the industry average. Yet, we are not complacent. Everyone should be able to return to our families unharmed and proud of our accomplishments.

Ryan Maibach

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