Meeting the New Future of Healthcare

The definition of “modern medicine” has evolved dramatically over time. Still, the caregiver’s commitment, and vital nature of the work remain the same: the best possible care, the best possible value for the patient, and the most productive environment for staff. To achieve such goals, facilities need to support growth, progress, and innovation.

Addressing Changing Needs with Construction Solutions

A leader in the evolution of better health facilities, our services encompass the entire process while maintaining roots in constructing strong, quality buildings. We’ve implemented innovative healthcare construction solutions on community hospitals, regional medical centers, academic health facilities, hospital systems, consolidations and specialty projects.

The Best of Both: Local Experience and National Resource

Pairing in-house, national and regional resources allow the flexibility to support client needs. Our teams draw from best practices throughout the country with healthcare construction specialists working collaboratively to forecast and control expenses, assess constructability, calculate cost consequences, accelerate schedules, and ensure quality and safety.

Preconstruction Excellence

One of Barton Malow’s unique strengths lies in our capability to provide 100%, in-house, comprehensive preconstruction services, and an ability to present to our clients benchmarking and historical cost data for facilities of similar scope.

Our advanced, web-based, estimating system is designed to ensure the most relevant, accurate historic data is used to formulate construction budgets. Actual cost data from recent projects across the country is adjusted according to size, location, inflation and other specific variables, to provide estimate comparisons on new construction. This system produces the highest degree of reliability and detail as we help you formulate a budget.

With decision-making support from Barton Malow, healthcare professionals can make optimal choices earlier in the design and building process.