Educational Institute Construction

Your assignment is to prepare students for the future. Our assignment is to prepare schools for students.

Specializing in education construction projects since 1925, Barton Malow’s dedicated Education Group has over 60 school specialists, planners and builders who are passionate about understanding the unique needs of school districts across the country.

Planning Today for a Success Tomorrow

From master planning and visioning to bond campaign strategy and support, we’ve done our homework! The beginning stages of planning an educational construction project lay the groundwork for success. Tailoring those plans to meet your school construction needs is our mission. Innovative solutions and cost-effective school construction methods are developed for you by our experienced professionals:

  • Bond Campaign Managers
  • Preconstruction Planners and Estimators
  • K12 Accounting Professionals
  • Certified Fire Marshals
  • Technology Design and Implementation Specialists

From educational building renovations to new school construction, our Education Group is ready to support your plans. Techniques include:

  • “White glove” procedures to protect students and staff on occupied-sites
  • Customized K12 accounting to reduce your district’s administrative burden
  • Generating local interest and high-quality subcontractors to encourage more competitive bidding and lower costs
  • Cost modeling based on historical data and current industry pricing to ensure accurate budget estimating

Making the Grade

An advocate of academic growth and achievement, our experience and skills in providing comprehensive K12 construction services to districts across the country have earned us high marks. A 95% success rate in passing school bond issues and 75% of clients calling on us again for additional construction services is a testament of our commitment and enthusiasm to build the teaching and learning environments of tomorrow.

Together, we can prepare your schools to support the growing needs of the communities they serve. Would you like to learn more about education construction projects or how we can support your plans? Contact Mike Stobak at