September 08, 2017

Barton Malow well-represented at the Bluebeam eXtreme conference

Jennifer Younes and Brian Willard present at Bluebeam eXtreme

Beyond the honking cars crawling along the freeway within the sprawl of Los Angeles, two Barton Malow team members took part in a unique presentation experience at the Bluebeam eXtreme. Jennifer Younes, VDC Engineer, and Brian Willard, Superintendent, used this opportunity to showcase the level of thought and innovation behind every Barton Malow project.

Bluebeam's Impact

Ask anybody at Barton Malow about what's the most important quality needed at a jobsite and most will answer "collaboration," which is exactly what Bluebeam and its derivatives provide. "It's crucial to our design and construction teams to be effective and competitive in our industry," says Brian.

Through Bluebeam Revu, 13 team members are able to create electronic drawing sets, batch hyperlink, and slipsheet sets and publish hyperlinked drawing logs within a matter of minutes. What is most vital about this technology, however, isn't necessarily what it's used for, but how it's used. One click of a button and an entire team has access to RFIs via computers or mobile devices. With the ability to effortlessly mark up documents, utilize estimating and takeoff functionalities and more, tools like Revu give Barton Malow the edge needed to show new and returning clients the power of what we can do.

Showcasing Our Strengths

During the conference, Jennifer and Brian spoke at length about Barton Malow's VDC Self-perform and Collaboration teams. More specifically, how we've harnessed the power of construction design technology at projects like Daytona Rising, Notre Dame Campus Crossroads and more. They detailed how we're creating a technology-enabled workforce that increases efficiency, empowers individuals, multiplies productivity and solidifies a collaborative environment. That workforce then uses the tech they've conquered to do things like develop pour sequences, track productivity and locate potential obstacles that stand in the way of safety and efficiency.

Mastering the Craft

On top of sharing Barton Malow's efforts, company representatives at the conference got hands-on experiences to better their skills. "We were able to participate in various training sessions, lectures, as well as case study panels that discussed how to best utilize Revu's features," says Jennifer. In addition, we got a little taste of glary as Adam Pigula, Mary Meade and Nathan Clements represented BMC during the Bluebeam skills challenge and took 2nd place in a crowded contest featuring numerous other construction service companies.

The Future of Construction + Design Technology

It's no secret. The role of technologies like Bluebeam and other digital workflow solutions are only going to increase as the years go by. That's why it's imperative to stay ahead of the curve as we at Barton Malow aim to reach our goal to double our efficiency by 2024. As Jennifer and Brian can attest to, the future isn't always about what's the coolest gadget we can carry with us, but how that gadget makes our jobs easier and, therefore, creates more value for the projects we take on.