Domino's has long been hailed as a technology company that sells pizza, and the opening of its new Innovation Garage on its Ann Arbor, Michigan, corporate campus aims to continue its forward-thinking approach to the way it takes, makes, and delivers orders.

The bottom floor of the two-story Innovation Garage is in a walk-out basement style, constructed into the hillside, while the top floor is at ground level. About 150 Domino's team members are now working inside the facility, with the common goal of solving problems, increasing efficiencies, and driving more value to consumers and franchisees.

The top floor of the Innovation Garage is primarily office space, meeting rooms, and workspaces, while the bottom floor is the collaborative area. An oven is fixed in the middle of the lower level, allowing Domino's to test not just recipes, but store designs and layouts too. There are also two autonomous delivery vehicle garage bays on the lower level.

The 33,000-SF, $12.8-million project broke ground in September 2018 and wrapped in the summer of 2019. A grand opening was held on Wednesday, August 24, 2019.