Self-Perform Leads the Charge in ARUACO’s Grayling, MI Plant.

We’re building something special in Grayling, MI. ARAUCO, a global producer of wood products, is a leader in creating sustainable forest product solutions. The company is looking to expand its innovations in the market, which means having a new plant to match its needs. That’s where Barton Malow comes in. We’re taking part in creating the most advanced particleboard plant in North America.

Arauco, NA Grayling Particleboard Plant Project Update from Barton Malow on Vimeo.

Harnessing the Power of BIM

A project this big requires a set of eyes that can take in everything, analyze and adjust. That’s why Barton Malow is using Building Information Modeling (BIM) to drive progress in Grayling. At 820,000 square-feet, the new plant will be one of the most productive in the world. It will feature the continent’s largest single continuous particleboard press, in addition to having an annual capacity of 452 million square-feet. So, when it comes to a project as large as this, having our team use technology in a seamless manner becomes a focal point. Foreman are 90% paperless and utilize mobile devices and tools as part of our goal to create a technology-enabled workforce. The site relies heavily on multidimensional planning, as 4D modeling creates a 3D visual with time/schedule-related information included.

Max Schuster

“Barton Malow Company is a place with high standards and expectations. All of the different market segments show extreme care and passion in all they do and the people they know. In the Energy/Environmental division, details are given proper their attention while not losing focus on the overall project and the end result. ”