The Bay View Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion included the following upgrades and additions: aeration tanks and concrete wall replacement; replacement of process valves and the addition of new flow meters; final settling tanks process piping replacement; replacement of side gates; digester gas sphere valve replacement; upgrade of existing valves with new electrical actuators; and general plant process upgrades.

The East Side Pump Station upgrade included: addition of new influent and effluent pumps; replacement of existing bar screens after influent channel modifications; addition of new flow meters and related process piping and valves; new pump station electrical and instrumentation systems; and architectural renovations of interior and exterior walls and windows.

The Backup Power System upgrade included: removal of existing backup generator and air blowers; removal of all associated piping and valves; installation of three new blowers and six new generators; addition of new chiller and related piping and valves; general electrical and instrumentation upgrades; and architectural upgrades of existing electrical room and staff lockers and restrooms.