The new Science and Technology Center addresses the critical needs in science related disciplines, including the Departments of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences, and provides a campus data center. The project included clearing of the site of over 200 properties, and creating a new campus quad with major realignment of North Avenue. The construction of the new facility accomplished several objectives as it contributed to the academic life of the campus. It provides state-of- the-art technology-based classrooms and learning environments, and built an academic identity for Coppin’s commitment to disciplines and professional practices associated with science and technology. The new facility contains classrooms, laboratories, office spaces, and other support facilities. More importantly teaching and research laboratories, computerized laboratories, a greenhouse, and data center. The Coppin State University Science and Technology Center is seeking LEED Gold Certification.

Site Constraints

The Science and Technology Center included an extensive abatement and demolition of six city blocks of existing condemned row homes and $3 million in utility upgrades which extended into the adjacent community. The project team worked diligently to be a good neighbor to the surrounding community during these intrusive upgrades to their surrounding infrastructure. To support this new state of the art facility, Coppin State University also required electrical and telecommunications duct bank extensions which reached out like tentacles from the 9-acre project site to connect to existing campus infrastructure. These pathway upgrades and subsequent wiring pulls were completed on an active campus.