All but one of the K-12 school districts in Livingston County installed their own private optical fiber network over the past decade interconnecting the schools within their district. When approached by the county administration to design a fiber network to interconnect various emergency response facilities throughout the county, we leveraged the existing dark fiber installed by the school districts to not only stretch the grant dollars, but also connect the schools to the municipality and emergency response facilities. The expanded network is being used to facilitate emergency response communications, centralize and expand IT services offered by the county and create a county-wide educational network for sharing and improving educational resources.

This phase of the project utilizes existing fiber from three school districts to extend network connectivity to each school, municipal office, police station, primary fire station and primary EMS station in ten townships:

  • Brighton Township
  • City of Brighton
  • City of Howell
  • Genoa Township
  • Green Oaks Township
  • Handy Township
  • Hartland Township
  • Putnam Township
  • Village of Fowlerville
  • Village of Pinckney
Paul Twigg

“Few people in technology get to work on schools, university buildings, libraries, manufacturing plants, military bases, and college stadiums! Variety at Barton Malow keeps work interesting and provides a broader perspective for innovative solutions.”