St. Clair Compressor Station is located in Ira Township, St. Clair County, MI. The facility is comprised of two separate plants. The addition of four (4) new reciprocating engines/compressors rated at a minimum of 4,835 HP each will be installed in a new facility referred to as “Plant 3”. In addition, the existing Plant 1 and Plant 2 will be fully integrated with Plant 3 allowing complete operational flexibility from any of the three (3) plants to any of the six (6) St. Clair injection fields or gas pipelines. To provide additional flexibility, controls and valves will be updated to allow plant operation from the site or remote operation from CEC’s control facility located in Jackson, MI. With the installation of the new engines in Plant 3 and the decommissioning of the two engines in Plant 2, the station will be rated for a minimum of 32,000 HP, helping to ensure the station performance requirements are achieved.

Barton Malow is currently working on site for 2 different packages. The first is a site preparation package which included temporary facilities for the upcoming major construction. The second package is a complete underground package that includes excavation, foundations, 19,000 lf of underground piping and associated electrical work. The second package is currently underway and is expected to finish up in the summer of 2015.


Max Schuster

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