Waverly Community Schools had a goal to make every space an active learning space. This allowed for many areas throughout their buildings to be transformed into 21st Century learning environments that will allow for interactive technology, collaborative seating and active learning. Additionally, each classroom was equipped with interactive classroom systems as well as a 1:1 device initiative for their K-6 buildings.

The majority of the infrastructure (wireless, network upgrades, security, and renovations) have been completed during the first series along with the replacement of teacher computers, interactive classroom systems and student devices. The second series primarily includes, PA system enhancements, and classroom sound systems, while the third series includes equipment replacement to ensure the ongoing success of this initiative.

The district is highly aware that technology is ever changing. This bond allows for flexibility to make adjustments in equipment purchases in phases two and three to reflect the latest technology available for children in the classroom.

Other aspects of the project include:

• Wireless infrastructure district-wide

• Forklift network upgrades

• Video Surveillance

• Long term staff training and support

This bond is referred to as a “Technology Bond” because the focus of the bond is to improve technology throughout the district, but bond dollars can be used for needed capital improvements. In this case, the renovations are needed to support the technology goals by adding electrical outlets for the new devices, renovating some media center spaces to create 21st century learning environments for our students, and other related facility improvements. The security systems will be installed to help protect students while in our schools and during transportation on district buses.

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