Cutting edge

There’s no such thing as minor surgery. But knowing that your surgeon has been trained using leading-edge technology helps ease concerns.

In Royal Oak, MI, William Beaumont Hospital’s Marcia and Eugene Applebaum Surgical Learning Center is a place where surgeons from around the world come to learn advanced robotic and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Before they operate on a patient, both new and experienced surgeons can practice their skills in a state-of-the-art learning lab under the supervision of experts.

The Technology

Surgical teams can test their reactions to hundreds of operating room emergencies with patient simulators, rather than real patients. Several cameras digitally record the performance and store it on data servers. Upon completing the simulation, team members review their work, using a laptop computer anywhere in the hospital, to improve their skills.
In addition, actual surgeries in Beaumont operating rooms can be viewed from the center’s distance learning classroom or from hospitals around the globe, using teleconferencing technology.

The Barton Malow Technology Group, as subcontractor to Barton Malow Company, was involved from schematics to final completion, as design/builder of the audio/video and data cabling infrastructure. The Group designed and built the unique simulation system, literally integrating the mock patient into the mock operating room.


A fast-track, design/build delivery model was established by Barton Malow and architect Harley Ellis Devereaux to speed the schedule. Six a.m. meetings with Beaumont surgeons were the norm during the three-month design phase.
Mechanical, electrical and technology trades were contracted as design/build; this contracting strategy and the teamwork of all the stakeholders allowed construction to be completed in five months, meeting the schedule deadline.

Global Outcomes

Since the center opened, it has hosted medical professionals from around the United States as well as Italy, Argentina, and the Philippines. Barton Malow is pleased to support these pioneering efforts, which are transforming healthcare worldwide.