The Charles L. Bowers School Farm serves as a land laboratory for students in the K-12 science instructional program of Bloomfield Hills Schools. The farm is part of the district’s science program; providing lab spaces, classrooms, and other areas for learning. Located in a suburban surrounding in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, the school offers a unique hands-on instructional environment for its students. The school integrates animals into student learning- sheep, cattle, horses, poultry, rabbits, goats, pigs, ponies, a llama, and even a donkey call the farm home.

The Bowers School Farm is an environmentally friendly project that includes many sustainable features. The new 12,000 square foot facility uses geothermal heating, high performance insulation, septic fields, a bio-retention pond, and a fully operational green house. Recycled wood, bamboo, low-emitting glues, adhesives and carpets as well as lighting devices that begin to dim down fixtures as exterior lighting filters into the building are other “green” initiatives in use at the school. The existing Bowers School Farm structure was demolished and a new facility with a school wing was constructed in it's place. The bus/parking loop was also reconstructed.

In addition to the farm program, the facility houses the Alternative High School program for the Bloomfield Hills Schools and is also available for community use.