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Brandon Avenue Green Street + Utilities Infrastructure

University of Virginia

University of Virginia Infrastructure Project

The Brandon Avenue and Green Street University of Virginia infrastructure project was a $20M utility and infrastructure upgrade to the Brandon Avenue District. The redesigned streetscape combines a multitude of circulation, infrastructure, and recreational functions, providing an attractive setting for new university buildings, including student housing, new academic buildings, and the new Student Health and Wellness Center. The Green Street and adjacent park spaces will link significant circulation corridors, providing a transition between historical and contemporary landscapes.

Central utilities installed included UVA electrical service, telecom, sanitary sewer and stormwater service, low-temperature hot water, chilled water, and domestic water service. In addition, the existing stormwater management facilities located on-site were upgraded to improve the function and aesthetics of the facilities, and part of the road was realigned to allow better access to the neighboring Outpatient Surgery Center.

Building a Collaborative Schedule

The University of Virginia infrastructure project took place at a busy crossroads on campus, amongst an active outpatient surgery center, a student housing facility, and adjacent to two concurrent construction projects. Barton Malow developed multi-phased logistics plans to facilitate collaborative planning sessions between the active user groups, adjacent construction teams, and owner’s representatives. These plans accommodated traffic from fire lanes, pedestrians, construction and public vehicle traffic, as well as work area relationships, site delivery access, timing information, and more.

Barton Malow delivered this detailed and collaborative approach to planning and logistics to ensure a safe, efficient, productive construction execution.

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