Not only does our contract at Otay Mesa Generating Plant underscore our capability in the field of energy, but its emphasis on environmental preservation is in line with our commitment to green projects. Calpine Construction Management Company teamed with Barton Malow and joint venture partner ARB – officially known as Otay Mesa Power Partners, or OMPP to build the new plant 15 miles southeast of San Diego.

Otay Mesa is a gas-fired, combined cycle, 590 Mw powerplant, including two General Electric F-class combustion turbines, two Nooter heat-recovery steam generators, a single Siemens steam turbine generator, two air-cooled condensers, a switchyard, storage tanks, control and administrative buildings, parking, and other ancillary facilities.

Gas pipeline ran 12,000 feet from the Mexican Border to the project. Approximately 45,000 feet of underground pipe and nearly 50,000 feet of above ground pipe was installed. Electricians pulled 1.5 million feet of wire and made 40,000 termination’s.

Constructed on an environmentally sensitive site, verifications were performed by biologists, archaeologists, paleontologists and horticulturalists; not a single violation was ever found regarding expert requirements. and every project staff member was required to attend a training program to learn special project requirements. Team members could travel only on designated roads, had to stay clear of specially marked areas that house endangered plant and animal species and cultural relics, stop work if artifacts or fossils are uncovered and take all precautions to prevent wildfires. Burns & Roe was the engineer of record and assisted with procurement activities.

Barton Malow self-performed the dirt work/sitework/foundations, concrete (provided by Barton Malow Concrete), structural steel, piping and centerline erection. Additionally, Barton Malow’s Equipment Installation division erected the combustion turbines and steam turbine generator.

Max Schuster

“Barton Malow Company is a place with high standards and expectations. All of the different market segments show extreme care and passion in all they do and the people they know. In the Energy/Environmental division, details are given proper their attention while not losing focus on the overall project and the end result. ”