Head of the Class

Delivering comprehensive construction services for all 24 District facilities since 1979, Barton Malow has partnered with Chippewa Valley Schools repeatedly to provide bond campaign strategy and preconstruction planning, technology design and implementation, and construction management services.

We are currently providing construction management services for the 2010 Bond Program, the fifth consecutive program Barton Malow has managed for the District (after the 1992, 1997, 2001 and 2004 programs).

This most recent program encompasses facility upgrades and energy conservation improvements including roof replacements, parking lot replacement or resurfacing, exterior site work, playground improvements, the expansion of a card access system, and some equipment and furniture replacements. Additionally, new electronic building signage was added, energy efficient lighting installed, and motion sensors and timers were installed. Many of these improvements will reduce energy costs for the District.

Having a unique understanding of the District, and the needs of their students, Barton Malow has been able to deliver quality construction with remarkable benefits:

  • Keeping school operations uninterrupted throughout the duration of construction programs.
  • Completing programs ahead of schedule, as much as an entire year!
  • Saving the District money with proven planning and management techniques - for example, an entire classroom wing was completed one year ahead of schedule enabling students to use the new classrooms in lieu of the District paying for the cost of portable classrooms.
  • Achieving Bid Savings, allowing for additional projects not in the District’s original scope of work to be completed.
  • Reducing the amount of change orders – 33% below industry standards – through extensive review of documents throughout the design phase.
Paul Twigg

“Few people in technology get to work on schools, university buildings, libraries, manufacturing plants, military bases, and college stadiums! Variety at Barton Malow keeps work interesting and provides a broader perspective for innovative solutions.”