Barton Malow

UMBC Event Center + Arena

University of Maryland Baltimore County

UMBC retrievers playing basketball in UMBC arena

UMBC Event Center and Arena Basketball Court

NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball team playing at the new arena

For the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s growing athletic program and campus, the Event Center and Arena hosts NCAA winter sports including basketball, areas for student-athletes to train and study, and provides an event venue for the community.

The new multipurpose center holds 6,000 seats. The arena includes concessions, catering, hospitality, restrooms, security, and guest services for NCAA Division 1 Basketball. The event center also hosts commencement, concerts, featured speakers, banquets, and practices for men’s and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball.

The main arena bowl consists of a portable wood floor system, telescopic seating platforms, and overhead sports lighting. An 8,500-SF auxiliary gym houses practice squads and team events. A corner of the third level includes a high-end “Retriever Room” for VIP sports viewing in a lounge equipped with sliding glass doors, upgraded floor finishes, and flat-screen HD monitors. The exterior facade of the building stands out as a premier sports facility. Throughout this complex, insulated metal wall panels, precast assemblies, extensive glazing/punched windows, and hand-laid architectural brick create a high-end feel from all across campus.

From an NCAA basketball to NCAA football, Barton Malow’s sports portfolio boasts arenas that exceed the expectations of the 21st-century fan.