L.C. Gaskins Construction Co., Inc., a Barton Malow Company, along with design partner Infrastructure Engineers recently completed repair work to Fleming Key Vehicular Bridge, located within the Naval Air Station Key West.

Unique Safety Challenges
This unique project was constructed over an active body of water. Because the bridge had to remain open at all times, safety was a critical factor in the project’s successful completion. The team protected workers from both vehicular and watercraft traffic by using flaggers, traffic cones, signage, “no wake” buoys, and visual deterrents that blocked watercraft traffic below portions of the bridge where work was taking place. By maintaining close contact with local marinas, the US Coast Guard, and local law enforcement the team ensured that watercraft traffic was both aware of the construction and that they were obeying the “no wake” zone.

Special attention was paid to the scaffolding systems used over the waterway. Employee fall protection and mobile scaffold system was installed prior to each day’s activities and removed at the end of each day. Although a rescue skiff and multiple life rings were at the site at all times, employees also wore harnesses when they were on the scaffold system. Steps taken to protect the public from construction activities included temporary fencing under and adjacent to the bridge.

Early Completion
Work was scheduled to complete in June 2011, but due to excellent planning and execution by the project team, the Fleming Bridge project completed more than one month ahead of schedule!