Barton Malow managed the construction of the John and Marlene Boll Athletic Center for Grosse Pointe South High School. The project includes a 12-lane, 25-yard competitive pool with a 400-seat spectator area, the addition of a 7,000 SF gymnasium, boys/girls locker rooms, and weight rooms totaling 48,434 SF.

Due to an extremely tight site – the project was adjacent to ongoing school operations, as well as in the middle of a neighborhood – site logistics were carefully coordinated. Delivery of roof joists required assistance and coordination with public safety because pieces had to be navigated through neighborhoods to get to the school. To ensure safety, Barton Malow superintendents directed traffic on a daily basis at the beginning and end of every school day.

School Board Trustee, Ahmed Ismail stated, “in this kind of project, you can’t afford to invest in junior achievement. What we’re doing on this pool is construction neurosurgery. We’re going to have to choreograph moving students and working next to an occupied building.”

Chris Fenton, Assistant Superintendent for Business, spoke highly of Barton Malow. In an interview with the Grosse Pointe Times (January 24, 2007), he said, “In the final analysis [of construction managers], we gave an edge to Barton Malow due to their overall experience.” School Board Trustee Charles Sabino agreed: “I’m very pleased to see Barton Malow was not only among the lowest cost, but also of the highest quality,” he said.