Johns Creek High School is the first new high school for the City of Johns Creek, Georgia. The 321,000 SF facility accommodates 1,850 students.

Designed by CGLS Architects, the school is similar in look and feel to a modern college campus with a traditional clock tower and open “quad” spaces. Areas of study and features include:

  • 96 instructional rooms
  • State-of-the-art science labs and security system
  • Media center
  • Theater
  • Full gymnasium with inside and outside athletic facilities
  • 3,600-seat football stadium

Barton Malow’s attention to craftsmanship is evidenced in the monumental grand staircase in the main entry. This poured in place concrete structure required a large amount of form work to create the exact amount of support. The dimensions of the structure had to line up precisely, which was especially challenging given its spiral shape. Barton Malow was successful in getting the mold to conform to standard on the first try. CGLS Architects claimed it was the first time they had seen this type of formwork pour executed correctly on the first attempt.

The Johns Creek High School project was an unequivocal success and ushers in a new age in education for Fulton County. Principal Buck Greene said, “It has been an amazing process to see the construction of this school in this community.”