Barton Malow

Kannapolis Infrastructure + Streetscape

City of Kannapolis

A major component of the Kannapolis Downtown Revitalization Plan was the Infrastructure and Streetscape improvements at West Avenue and the surrounding streets. The unique streetscape serves as an urban park with green spaces for activities such as concerts, arts, recreation activities and classes, and outdoor dining. There are also relaxation areas with water features. Traffic flow and parking options now work in conjunction with pedestrian activity.

The infrastructure project included replacing aging and undersized utilities such as water, sewer and storm water, and electricity. The city also planned for future expansion with the installation of new technologies for potential businesses and new residents.

The adjacent ballpark has been a cornerstone in the effort to redevelop downtown Kannapolis. In terms of expectations, the City is looking at more than just a ballpark; the City of Kannapolis is positioning itself as a sports and entertainment destination, with year-round events.