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Louisa County High School

Louisa County Public Schools

Louisa County High School_Atrium

After an earthquake rendered the previous school building unsafe, Louisa County sought to build a new high school for its students.

Building Virginia’s Schools

This project solidified Barton Malow’s presence in the Virginia education construction market. Constructed adjacent to the temporary classrooms provided by FEMA, the new Louisa County High School is a three-story, 267,330-SF state-of-the-art facility that features dynamic, student-centered educational spaces that combine traditional classroom features with breakout spaces for collaborative project-based learning and technology-enabled learning. A large cafeteria features an indoor dining area that is equipped with audio/visual equipment, as well as outdoor dining spaces. The facility also features dedicated performing arts and athletic wings, and Career and Technical Education spaces equipped to provide “real-world” environments for hands-on learning.

The project also included significant site clearing and grading, earthwork, stormwater management facilities, utility extension and installation, erosion and sediment controls, retaining walls, asphalt and concrete paving for roads and parking, concrete walks, tennis courts, and landscape installation.

Compact Schedule on a Compact Site

After the original school was condemned due to the natural disaster, FEMA, the School Board, and the community stepped in to come up with a schedule that wouldn’t put the students behind, one that would get them into a new facility as soon as possible. The designer, Grimm + Parker, was selected for their fast-track design and ability to quickly turn a prototype into a facility that met the County’s needs. Their communication and trust in the Barton Malow team allowed for expedited changes without any delays. During construction, the team also maintained a high level of communication with the client, to accommodate conflicts with athletic events, and ensure that student and teacher access to the FEMA classroom trailers remained safe and unimpeded.

“The level of collaboration between Barton Malow, the owner and the design team was unprecedented in my career. It was the primary reason we were able to deliver this on time and on budget. We had to come up with innovative ways to problem solve and adapt, and they did it very well. Better than any other contractor that I’ve had a chance to work with. ”

Aaron Compton, Project Manager, Grimm + Parker Architects