Hyper-Collaborative Project Team

Barton Malow, with joint-venture partner, The Christman Company, is serving as design-build lead on this new facility which is an addition to an existing cancer center and encompasses 23,000 SF of new construction and 7,000 SF of renovated space. Three proton beam gantries will be added along with all associated support spaces.

Proton beam treatment is relatively new. This will be only the twelfth such facility in the country, with the majority located at research institutions, and will be the first in Michigan. Used for all types of cancers, it differs from traditional radiation by not damaging surrounding tissues. The beam is extremely precise, targeting only the cancer site. This non-invasive and painless approach is more effective and advanced than traditional radiation, with far fewer side effects.

The design process is unique because the site is the prototype for equipment provided by ProTom International. Equipment includes an accelerator that delivers the beam to shielded rooms that house the gantry equipment. The gantry spins around the patient to deliver the most accurate dose of the proton beam. A single gantry weighs approximately 63 tons. Those who have built medical facilities know there are unusual requirements for the shielding of CT scans, MRIs, linear accelerators and similar types of treatment, so those outside the room are not harmed. But these shielding requirements are unique. While the building program is relatively simple, the scale is unusually large – 7-10’ thick concrete walls three stories high will accommodate the gantry equipment. Additionally, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is being used to develop the design to exacting standards and to aid in the intricate coordination of inwall services.