State-of-the-Art Learning

Martin D. Jenkins Hall is a 137,000 SF mixed-use facility opened in August of 2017. This state-of-the-art building is designed to promote active learning for the 21st Century student, and is home to five academic departments, including Psychology; Sociology and Anthropology; History and Geography; Economics and Political Science. The feature space of the new building is a central five-story atrium which acts a living room and creates a “welcome place” for students to study and casually interact with others. The atrium can also be used as an event space for community engagement activities and university programs. Open collaboration areas are located adjacent to the atrium feature interactive technology with comfortable seating to support the atmosphere of a learning community. The majority of the classrooms and labs are flexible, with moveable chairs, desks, and lecterns to allow for either traditional lecture or group learning configurations. Every space in this building is defined as a teaching space and is equipped with interactive technology and software that allow students and faculty to work together or to reach out to colleagues across the globe.

In addition to the undergraduate teaching spaces, Jenkins Hall houses specialty research labs dedicated to each academic department and an Instructional Design Development Studio used to promote research and continuing education across the campus. The new Vivarium on the first floor will enhance Psychology’s opportunities for research and for collaboration with other researchers on campus.

The facility was certified LEED Silver from the U.S. Green Building Council with sustainable features such as a green roof, energy efficient mechanical systems, low VOC emitting materials, recycled and locally purchased building materials.

Unforeseen Existing Conditions

During excavation and foundations, the team discovered unforeseen, existing caissons and debris. Many of the existing foundations conflicted with the caissons that needed to be installed for the new building. The project team decided the best course of action was to drill and excavate existing foundations in conflict, rather than shift the new building caissons. The existing foundations were identified on as-built drawings for a parking garage that was previously removed. In the future, Barton Malow will utilize the preconstruction period to ensure that existing underground conditions can be properly identified.

Coordinating with Existing Site Finishes

This project is tied into an existing campus building, which had numerous site conditions that were not accurately reflected in the as-builts. The project team identified the site conditions as a critical focus and put in additional effort with site surveys of the existing conditions to ensure the final site work met with the existing sitework.

Working Around Existing Utilities

The project’s LOD contained many existing utilities, both serving the adjacent recently completed Business School, but also the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Since the lines needed to remain in service since they serve multiple buildings, extensive coordination with the design team and planning during preconstruction was required to ensure the services remained active. The project also had to tie into existing sanitary, electric and gas services. Extensive coordination was required not only with the utility companies, but also with Morgan State University to ensure pedestrian and vehicular traffic was safely maintained.

Neighborhood Coexistence

The project’s close proximity to neighboring houses required the team to give extra consideration to work hours and noisy construction activities. The University values its relationship with the community and did not want construction activities to have a negative impact. The project team worked to ensure deliveries and outside construction activities only occurred during reasonable business hours.

Kristen Costello

“Working for Barton Malow gives me the confidence that I am part of a team who takes their values seriously. From top leadership down, Barton Malow takes care of their people, and that culture is evident in all that we do. There’s really no place quite like it. ”