Located in Southwest Detroit, the Oakwood CSO Stormwater Treatment Plant PC-755 includes a pump station, control room, chemical facility, screen facility, basin and storm pump discharge pipe encasement, along with various supporting outstructures. While a stormwater treatment plant does not sound exciting, it brings many benefits to the surrounding area - the existing plant became operational in February 1940. The new facility has a 9 million gallon capacity and continues to provide the primary treatment/removal and incineration of settled solids, plus disinfection of effluent discharged into the Detroit River on a much larger scale and more efficient than the existing facility.

Oakwood CSO was designed to withstand a 30-year storm (one of such severity that it would likely occur only once every 30 years). After stormwater is treated, it releases into the Rouge River in a pure form with no negative effect on the environment. The project improves the many flood problems throughout the area and assists in maintaining a clean environment for the city of Detroit.

Barton Malow provided equipment installation and concrete services on the project, installing 345,000 square feet of formwork and placing more than 30,000 cubic yards of concrete. The project has a City of Detroit Order 22 recording, meaning that worker hours were performed by no less than 50% bona fide Detroit residents, not less than 25% minorities and at least 5% women. Barton Malow completed this complex and high-risk project without a single safety incident. Our success on site was rewarded with an expanded contract including work on the PC-79 Oakwood Upstream Relief project, which addresses flow control structures along the I-75 corridor.

Mario Garza

“At Barton Malow, I had the privilege to be mentored by the top tradesman in the country. The time they took to teach a young engineer how to build will forever be the foundation of my career. Our trades are the key to the continued success of Barton Malow. ”