This design-build project consists of one new slope-plate carousel and the associated baggage handling conveyors (BHS) located on the Side A, and the BHS to feed an owner-furnished slope-plate conveyor on Side B.

The project marks a new type of BHS for the Orlando International Airport. Tthe old baggage claim devices, a flat-plate design, directed the baggage from a secured area into the public area; however, an unclaimed bag would pass back through the secure area. The new slope plate design eliminates this potential security issue, by depositing luggage onto a self-contained unit where it remains in the public area. The new carousels are located one level below the current bag claim area; many of the current wayfinding signs were modified or replaced.

Other project elements included minor alterations to the existing interior finish, such as flooring, partitions, ceilings, lighting and storefront windows.

As design-builders, Barton Malow Company and architect KB managed the entire process from design and permitting to final close-out and turnover.

Dave Price

“Building lives and facilities are my passions.”