Barton Malow was selected as the General Contractor for SeverStal’s Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill (PLTCM) and Hot Dip Coating Line (HDCL) projects. The 320,000 SF (plus 180,000 band staging area) PLTCM incorporates two separate steel-making processes (pickling and cold milling) combined in a continuous line that spans nearly 1,600 feet. Barton Malow is performing all civil, concrete, resteel, mechanical installation of all equipment, as well as boilermaker work for the PLTCM project. Accelerated 10 weeks during construction, the $150 million project will be completed in just 14 months. Once completed, Severstal will be able to increase production of cold rolled sheets from 1.65 to 2.1 million tons per year.

Building Information Modeling has been a key factor in the PLTCM project. Initially used in the pre-construction process, the model verified quantities and logistics planning for all trades to ensure our schedule was accurate. Once awarded, all subcontractors utilized BIM for coordination as well as to develop their shop drawings and fabricate from the model. Another benefit from the model included tracking process equipment through Vela Systems to provide an electronic turnover package to SeverStal. The package includes a database of all equipment and its installation and maintenance history. SeverStal realized a $900,000 savings in quantity verification as bid process and a $10 million savings in interference resolution

From the PLTCM, roughly 25% of the steel will continue on to the Hot Dip Coating Line (HDCL) via a tunnel between the two adjacent buildings. The HDCL is a high-speed continuous line, capable of applying a precise coating of either zinc or zinc alloy to the surface of the steel strip. In addition to serving as the CM Agent on the project, Barton Malow is performing all civil, concrete, resteel, resteel fabrication, and mechanical installation services on the hot dip galvanizing process equipment (manufactured by CMI) for the project. The project consists of 19,450 cubic yards of concrete and 2,300 tons of resteel were fabricated and installed by Barton Malow.

Mario Garza

“At Barton Malow, I had the privilege to be mentored by the top tradesman in the country. The time they took to teach a young engineer how to build will forever be the foundation of my career. Our trades are the key to the continued success of Barton Malow. ”