Building new ways to learn in Spring Lake

Beginning in 2015, Barton Malow was tasked with transforming a school district. This was no easy undertaking, either. Spring Lake, MI, became the site of a project that best reflects our commitment to our community. At Holmes and Jeffers Elementary Schools, our team brought their hard work and innovative spirit to the field.

Our homework? Creating more space for students

After working with a team of parents, educators and residents to get a scope of what was needed for these two schools, we got to work. Holmes and Jeffers needed complex, multipurpose additions to their gyms, cafeterias and kitchens. The cafeteria not only features modern amenities like outdoor seating, but also serves as unique way to maximize space to the gym via operable walls. Moreover, two-story additions were needed for grades 1-2 and 3-4 to ensure enough space was available for students. And what’s grade school without having a few common areas to do a little homework — or talk to your classmates about the newest Ninjago LEGO set or the latest episode of Teen Titans Go? So, we added that, too.

Where tradition meets innovation

We didn’t stop there, though. We wanted create a space where tradition met modernity. That’s why wireless access to technology was made available throughout the entire school. Students will also have access to a media center and collaboration studios. In addition, visitor traffic now flows cleanly and safely through a single, secure entry.

As our team put the finishing touches on this huge project, we remembered the importance of community and how crucial education is that aspect. We know the value of creating education centers that reflect brilliance, as we continue down the path of better serving the people and places where we build.

Paul Twigg

“Few people in technology get to work on schools, university buildings, libraries, manufacturing plants, military bases, and college stadiums! Variety at Barton Malow keeps work interesting and provides a broader perspective for innovative solutions.”