Planning and Construction of the new Hybrid OR at the University Of Maryland Medical Center proved quite a logistical challenge with the new suite situated in the middle of the Center’s Adult and Pediatric Surgery units. Bordered by Peds Recovery, the bustling 22 ORs, the OR Lab and the Adult PACU, maintaining ongoing operations was not an easy exercise.

The new 2nd Floor Hybrid suite involved infrastructure improvements within the main cafeteria below and through the OR conference center and surgical waiting garden above, and was constructed in a phased series of renovations just to create the cumulative space to build the primary rooms. At nearly 1,700 sf, the Hybrid OR Suite includes a separate Control Room, Electronics Equipment Room and a separate Equipment Storage Room. Nearly 800 sf is dedicated to the clinical OR room itself, which is lead-lined and contains state-of-the-art imaging and surgical equipment.

The new room straddled what had been an existing unrestricted corridor so, even relocation of critical building systems became a monumental effort to create the required minimum ceiling height for the OR.

The built room features include structural ceiling supports for suspended medical gas and equipment booms and structural floor slab steel bracing for the floor-mounted robotic surgery unit. An air-curtain of supply air encircles a rotating operating table, while dedicated air returns are positioned in the side walls. A remote-controlled spot lighting system is built into the ceiling panels, over the table, and an electronics documentation station fits into custom casework in one corner, which ties in monitors, wall-mounted cameras and other devices, between the procedure space and the Control Room. A lead-lined view window at the Control Room has an electrically charged liquid crystal dispersion glass panel which can be switched from fully transparent to totally opaque.