Construction of a 64 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant

Vineland Municipal Electric Utility operates the only municipally owned electric generating facility in the State of New Jersey, and has provided electric service to the residents of the City of Vineland for nearly 113 years. As part of its goal to improve operations and better serve the community, VMEU engaged Barton Malow to provide contracting services on the construction of its new 64 MW power plant.

Located in the heart of the City of Vineland, Barton Malow undertook a yearlong schedule for the construction of the new plant including the installation of a Trent 60 Rolls-Royce auto-derivative gas turbine. Modeled after the same engine used to power Boeing 777 jet planes, this state-of-the-art unit capable of operating both on fuel oil and natural gas is characterized by fuel economy and cost savings-- boasting nearly 50% efficiencies. Designed to only operate and power the grid at peak times when energy consumption is at its highest, the unit not only saves money but it also saves energy! With the completion of this project, Barton Malow has now installed more of the Rolls-Royce Trent 60 units than any other company in North America.

Despite facing the challenge of building on a small construction site in the center of an urban area, Barton Malow delivered the new facility with zero lost-time injuries. As priority number one on all Barton Malow projects, safety was of utmost importance during project completion and many initiatives were taken to ensure the project was completed under safe working conditions. This established a sense of comfort and security for everyone involved both on and off the project site.

Max Schuster

“Barton Malow Company is a place with high standards and expectations. All of the different market segments show extreme care and passion in all they do and the people they know. In the Energy/Environmental division, details are given proper their attention while not losing focus on the overall project and the end result. ”