Virtual Design & Construction Solutions

Barton Malow defines Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) as the application of BIM and related technology throughout the project lifecycle (pursuit to closeout) to improve overall project performance.  

Technology-Enabled Workforce

People are central to successful VDC - Technology in the hands of people that know how to use it confidently and efficiently provides enormous value. We believe that technology, including BIM, is a tool for builders, not just experts. To make this a reality, our VDC team partners with project delivery teams, including design and trade partners, to ensure they are trained in the use of the technology that can best help them plan and execute the work on their project. We prioritize collaborative technology and processes to ensure every team member has real-time access to the information they need when they need it.

We are passionate about the use of technology to continually improve safety, quality and productivity during construction.

BIM Evolved

Since BIM was adopted by the AEC industry, transformational change has cascaded through the industry at an incredible rate. Both a technology and a process, BIM has gone from being a buzzword to the centerpiece of the approach to technology for most AEC firms. Taking BIM to the next level and incorporating a comprehensive virtual design and technology approach is a central component to our long-term business strategy and future growth. These technologies continually impact the way buildings are designed, built, and maintained.

Predictable Outcomes for Clients

Barton Malow takes pride in our ability to help our clients and project teams identify and overcome challenges early. We have found that costly design changes spurred by a lack of information or inability to visualize a space can be mitigated through a comprehensive virtual design and construction approach. By building the project virtually using BIM, then physically, we avoid both budget and schedule conflicts and gives our team the ability to deliver the highest quality project possible.

Benefits of Utilizing Virtual Design and Construction Solutions

Our VDC Solutions team is comprised of seasoned professionals that understand how to engage virtual design and construction at every stage of your project. From project setup and training to utilizing models that help facilitate error free construction, our approach to implementing technology at all phases of a project allows for an enhanced building experience.

Benefits to Barton Malow’s VDC solutions approach:

  • Enhanced planning
  • Better informed decisions
  • Improved quality
  • Schedule optimization
  • Enhanced communication
  • Safety innovations

VDC Quarterly Reports

Each quarter the VDC team published a report on the benefits of VDC and how it adds value to the owner.

View the VDC Quarterly Reports

Lindsey Rem

“I love observing people using technology in a confident and creative way to solve real-world challenges. ”