May 27, 2016

Barton Malow Announces Builder + Leader + Impact + Craftsman Awards

Awards of Excellence Announced!

Barton Malow Company celebrated their 11th consecutive year honoring employees through the Builder + Leader + Impact + Craftsman Awards program.

The recipients of the 2016 Awards of Excellence were announced on May 24th. The awards were developed in recognition of past representatives who embodied the true values of the company. The program is unique in that Barton Malow employees nominate their peers for each award. This year we had 87 nominations with a record number of individuals receiving multiple nominations.

Pictured from left to right: Scott Mueller, Mike Poole, Marisa Varga, Sean Hollister

Congratulations to the winners and each of the nominees!

Mike Poole, General Superintendent - Carol O. Barton Builder Award

The Carl O. Barton Award honors an individual who has jobsite responsibility and displays excellence in some or all of the following:
• Completes projects on time, within budget, with minimal issues
• Maintains satisfied customers
• Excellent builder acumen
• Maximizes profitability
• Supports diversity
• Has strengths in safety, teamwork, quality, planning, organization & mentoring

A nomination that described Mike said, “Mike continues to hone his building supervision skills on some of our most high-profile projects. While he does it, he takes the next generation of builders under his wings and coaches them through the many challenges of our business.”

Sean Hollister, Project Director - Ben C. Maibach Leadership Award

The Ben C. Maibach Impact Award was created to recognize employees who embody the values of the company and have made lasting impacts on people, the business or the community.

The award honors an individual who displays excellence in some, or all of the following:
• Behaves with integrity
• Demonstrates compassion
• Community involvement
• Supports diversity
• Ability to inspire or motivate others
• Mentors & develops others
• Makes you want to be a better person

The nomination describing Sean said, “Sean leads his team with integrity and high energy in a way that motivates those around him. He is one of the top leaders I’ve worked with in BMC.”

Marisa Varga, Director of Marketing- Ben C. Maibach III Impact Award

The individual displays excellence in some, or all of the following:
• Influences lives
• Improves work
• Strengthens the communities where we live and work

A nomination describing Marisa said, “She sets her own standards exceptionally high and gives her staff all the encouragement and tools needed for them to also succeed at the highest level. She has been a driving force behind increased and improved Foundation impact. Her emphasis on engagement makes you feel like you’re truly making a difference n the community.”

Scott Mueller, Carpenter Foreman - Craftsman Award

The Craftsman Award recognizes a Journeyman, Foreman or General Superintendent who demonstrates superior technical performance.

The individual displays excellence in some or all of the following:
• Delivers quality workmanship
• Follows safe work practices
• Demonstrates passion for the trade
• Shares knowledge & encourages the development of others
• Respected & trusted by the team
• Supports & mentors aspiring apprentices
A nomination that described Scott said, “He delivers nothing but exceptional quality. Scott’s level of knowledge and expertise in many facets of construction is rarely rivaled.”