October 12, 2011

WEBINAR: Tekla & Barton Malow present Using BIM to Streamline Design/Build

“When you look around the country, most colleges and universities are afforded at least 12 months to design & build an indoor football practice facility. At Georgia Tech, Barton Malow had 40 weeks” said Jason McFadden, LEED AP, Barton Malow Company.

Watch the 10/5/11 webinar to learn how Barton Malow and its trade partners implemented Tekla BIMsight, Tekla’s Construction Management solutions, and Tekla Structures to deliver the John & Mary Brock Football Facility at Georgia Tech.

Webinar Topics:

  • How to carry out a direct exchange of Tekla models from engineer to steel and rebar detailing
  • Reasons to review the BIM (concurrent engineer design and fabrication detail) instead of shop drawings to achieve drastic reductions in schedule
  • How to utilize models from other team members to create buildable workflows
  • Identify solutions for managing and tracking the project schedule utilizing design-build

Click here to view the webinar.