September 15, 2017

A New Home For Celebration at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

UMBC Athletic Center

You might mistake the forthcoming event/athletic center on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus as some sort of new age art gallery, or even a museum. But don’t let the sleek look fool you—this is the new home for the UMBC Retrievers.

The center, which is set feature a two-court auxiliary gym with a 4,700-seat bowl area with both fixed and retractable seating, will give students, faculty, friends and family new room to cheer for their team, more space for a standing ovation to graduates, and more. At 175,000 square-feet, the center will provide added boldness to an already exciting atmosphere.

The Road to Completion

Nick Zitterbart, Superintendent

With the projected completion date only a few months away, let’s update you on the work Barton Malow team members are putting in at the site. “We have roughly 270,000 man-hours worked on-site here,” says Superintendent Nick Zitterbart about this three-story tall project. During the course of the project to date, Nick notes that several milestones have been hit. That includes the raising of four main trusses for roof support, 22,000 square-feet of ground-level slab, new locker rooms and study rooms, a level two concourse with a hall of fame entry area, and office suites overlooking the entire area.

As Nick and his team put the finishing touches on his complex project, we get a good snapshot of the hard work Eastern Region is putting in for clients. So, what does the finish line for this project look like? A unique place to celebrate with others.