June 21, 2013

Bloomfield Hills Schools and Barton Malow Break Ground on Bloomfield Hills High School

Southfield, MI –– June 21, 2013— Barton Malow Company is pleased to announce that Bloomfield Hills Schools selected Barton Malow as the construction manager for the new Bloomfield Hills High School. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on June 14 for the new school, which is scheduled to open in Fall 2015.

Andover High School and Lahser High School will consolidate to form the new Bloomfield Hills High School, designed by SHW Group in collaboration with Fielding Nair International. The project includes demolition of 150,000 square-feet of the existing Andover facility and construction of a 220,000 square-foot addition. The technology-enriched facility will offer flexible learning spaces that encourage collaboration and student directed learning, and will include writeable surfaces and glass walls throughout.

Ingrid Day, school board president said, “These two historic high schools will forever be woven into the fabric of our district. We know as adults that change is perpetually eminent, and as a district we recognize the needs of our students and the shape of their futures has shifted dramatically over the years. Therefore in the best interest of these students, we must adapt to meet the needs of this ever changing, expanding educational landscape.”

She went on to say, “Much has been accomplished in a short period of time, all begun by our facilitators Fielding Nair International. In addition, the design work completed, an unparalleled collaboration by our architectural firm SHW and our construction management team from Barton Malow, is commendable and ongoing. This building, designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind, will be a departure from the traditional high school. This team has spent a tremendous amount of time and energy creating a building that will push the boundaries of conventional education design and construction.”

The fire department, township offices and other neighbors are in close proximity to the site. Barton Malow is working with the community to minimize disruption during construction including using construction fences with windscreen and prefabricating as much material as possible to control dust and noise. Barton Malow is utilizing BIM to assist with prefabrication.

The project team is also working closely together. Barton Malow is sharing office space with the Owner and architect, assisting with collaboration and communication.

During construction, 9th grade students will be located at the Bloomfield Hills High School 9th Grade Campus, on the site of the former Hickory Grove Elementary School and 10th-12th grade students will be located at the Bloomfield Hills High School Main Campus, on the site of the former Lahser High School. Barton Malow is preparing the two facilities for the upcoming school year, including new Bloomfield Hills High School signage. The two schools are located within a mile of each other and Barton Malow is working with Bloomfield Hills Township and the Road Commission for Oakland County on the logistics of student drop-off and pick-up traffic.

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