July 05, 2017

Laying The Foundation For Success at the Shinola Hotel

As many of you know, when it comes to pouring concrete, the process can be intricate. But for those who haven’t spent too much time on the field when Barton Malow team members are pouring, the amount of manpower, resources and time needed would amaze you—especially when your team is trying to accomplish a milestone.

Wait… What’s Concrete?

Concrete pours can be large, complex jobs that require collaboration from several team members, which is especially the case at our Shinola Hotel site. So, for those not in the know, let’s start with an easy question: what’s concrete even made of? At Barton Malow, we use a secret ingredient for this construction sauce… kidding! It’s actually just a simple combination of water, aggregate (rock or sand, usually) and cement. But what’s done with that mixture is, well, immense.

Reaching a Milestone

At the Shinola site, recent concrete pours signaled a big milestone for the project. After the demolition of the 1412 building, a 4-inch mud mat of concrete slab was laid to set rebar on. After the rebar was formed and set, another concrete slab of 3-6 inches was poured. This delicate process requires a lot of communication and manpower (roughly 900 hours of it in this particular example). But the results are evident. Nearly 300 yards of concrete and 18 tons of resteel were involved in setting the foundation—literally—for an exciting new take on hospitality.