January 16, 2018

Rebar + concrete constructible modeling: setting a winning foundation


Barton Malow is no stranger to the advantages and inner workings of modeling on a macro level. As any general contractor could attest to, every new project undertaken is almost never like the last.

That presents an obvious and natural ebb and flow of challenges that companies like Barton Malow must face, and circumventing that is no picnic. However, modeling gives contractors a keen sense of what needs to be accomplished and by when. This ensures projects don’t accrue waste and provide the best result for company and client alike, which is especially the case during rebar placement and concrete pours. In the world of concrete and rebar, it’s crucial to leverage modeling in order to set the stage for success.

Barton Malow's use of technology has been featured in a series of articles in the Construction Executive Tech Trends newsletter.

The full article, Rebar + Concrete Constructible Modeling: Setting a Winning Foundation, is available on Construction Executive.