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For a century, Barton Malow has been committed to Building with the American Spirit: People, Projects, and Communities. The Barton Malow Family of Companies is comprised of four entities and five partner firms across North America. With more than 3,500 strategically positioned team members, our 100% employee-owned enterprise is on a mission to transform the construction industry through innovation and increased efficiencies in the building process.

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Barton Malow Company operates as a union contractor leveraging an integrated, self-perform strategy encompassing civil, concrete, steel, equipment setting, general trades, controlled environments, and boilermaker work. Barton Malow Company specializes in the construction of automotive, energy, industrial, and advanced industry projects throughout North America.
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Barton Malow Builders focuses on commercial and institutional construction, specializing in building projects using innovative practices. With market specialties that include healthcare, higher education, K12, sports + entertainment, and commercial, our teams strive to partner with clients by drawing from their collective expertise and experience.
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Barton Malow Holdings team works each day to advance the business of the Barton Malow Family of Companies. These teams include professionals in Branding + Communications, Lean, Engagement + Inclusion, Finance, Legal, Procurement, Project Controls, Risk Management, Safety, Strategy, and Systems.
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LIFTbuild technology builds a high-rise building from the top-down, creating a construction site that is safer, more efficient, and cost-effective. This revolutionary approach aims to disrupt the construction industry, which has historically lagged in innovation.
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Acquired by Barton Malow in 2019, Canada-based Alltrade focuses on the energy, automotive, and transit markets with an emphasis on self-perform construction.
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FlyPaper Technologies crafts software solutions that streamline existing workflows with a simple user experience to allow teams to get back to building.
FlyPaper Technologies
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Aligned with Barton Malow’s core purpose since 1954, the Barton Malow Foundation works to build people, projects, and communities with an extraordinary dedication to community service through fundraisers, a team member match program, and an annual community week.
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Strategic Partners

Aatmunn’s Industrial Internet of People (IIoP) platform and applications like Safety Inspection Manager, now augmented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and unifying data fabric, significantly advances real-time safety, inspection, and compliance in industrial settings.
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Construction Robotics (CR) is dedicated to developing affordable, innovative robotics and automation equipment for the construction industry. Barton Malow has made a financial investment in CR. We deploy CR’s technology on our jobsites today and partner with CR on future product development.
Construction Robotics

Born of Humble Beginnings

Seeded in entrepreneurship. Rooted in our communities. Unified in a core purpose. We are the Barton Malow Family of Companies.

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