Barton Malow

K12 Education

Modern classroom with collaborative workstations and colorful ceiling design.

Immaculata Building

The School at Marygrove

At Barton Malow, we’ve been at the forefront of the K12 construction landscape since 1925. Our team has expanded to over 116 school construction management specialists, including planners, builders, and technology design experts, all dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of school districts across the nation.

Resources, Relationships, Results

Strategic Planning. Our expert team conducts thorough assessments of educational facilities, focusing on space optimization, energy efficiency, safety/security, and technology integration. We also engage communities through surveys, focus groups, and robust campaign support, aiding numerous K12 districts in devising immediate and long-term facility enhancement strategies.

Financial Stewardship and Control. Our financial control specialists give our clients the tools to make informed, effortless financial decisions. We ensure complete fiscal transparency, annual audit assistance, meticulous budget oversight, and streamlined monthly billing processes, requiring only a single check from districts each month.

Comprehensive Facility Evaluations. Approaching each project without bias, we thoroughly understand your needs and related costs to accurately define your project scope and budget.

Campaign For Success. Leveraging innovative strategies, we craft multifaceted, bespoke campaigns to garner community backing. Our industry-leading approach has resulted in a remarkable 99% success rate for school bonds on the first election attempt.

Construction Excellence. We pledge to deliver exceptional outcomes by harnessing cutting-edge technologies, fostering robust communication, and applying inventive methods for scope, schedule, and budget management. From inception to completion, our commitment is to provide a safe, cost-effective, and superior-quality program that consistently surpasses our client’s aspirations.

Innovative Technology Design. We tailor long-term, resilient technology solutions to suit your specific requirements, encompassing audio/visual systems, surveillance + security, and network infrastructure.