Barton Malow


McLaren Greater Lansing healthcare project

To be a leader in the healthcare construction industry requires more than just the ability to construct buildings; it demands a seamless fusion of expertise, adaptability, humility, determination, and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. These qualities have solidified Barton Malow’s position as a national leader in constructing healthcare facilities.

Proven Expertise in Healthcare 

At Barton Malow, our team of experts boasts extensive experience in healthcare construction. Whether tasked with building a new facility that requires sensitivity to the surrounding community or renovating a critical care area within an environment containing immunocompromised patients, our team excels at delivering projects that not only meet – but exceed – our client’s evolving needs. In doing so, we uphold the highest quality, safety, and efficiency standards that have become synonymous with the Barton Malow name. 

We possess a deep understanding of various project types and a diverse portfolio of healthcare projects including:

  • Community hospitals
  • Regional medical centers
  • Academic medical facilities
  • Specialty hospitals
  • Ambulatory care facilities
  • Surgery and procedure centers
  • Medical office buildings
  • Freestanding urgent and emergency care facilities
  • Health and wellness centers
  • Medical research buildings, and more

Healthcare Project Solutions

Healthcare serves as the foundation of our success, and we firmly believe in tailoring our preconstruction and construction project delivery approaches to meet each client’s unique needs. 

As a dedicated healthcare construction builder, Barton Malow is fully attuned to the critical components necessary for constructing healthcare facilities tailor-made to cater exclusively to the distinctive requirements of patients. Our teams capitalize on national benchmarking and buying power to secure the best resources and pricing, ensuring cost-effectiveness and top-quality results in all our projects.

We integrate innovative delivery approaches, advanced building methods, and cutting-edge technologies into our healthcare projects to enhance efficiency, safety, and quality. With in-house capabilities and a proven track record, we also assist clients in achieving their construction goals for sustainability, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing carbon/greenhouse gas emissions.

Innovation Approach + Lean Construction 

Barton Malow embraces a culture of innovation and Lean project delivery by implementing integrated project delivery approaches. Consequently, we approach each healthcare project with a collaborative mindset, working proactively to evaluate opportunities to optimize project schedules and costs through Target Value Delivery, Pull Planning, Virtual Design and Construction, modularization, prefabrication, and other advanced delivery tools and methods.

Our commitment to enhancing team performance, fostering trade and partner relationships, and providing world-class construction planning and execution expertise ensures project success for all involved.