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Barton Malow is constantly working towards finding the most effective and efficient ways to serve our clients’ growing needs through innovation, technology, and continuous improvement. Learn more about where we came from, what we’re doing, and where we’re going next.

About Us

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University of Virginia Student Health and Wellness Center

Student Health + Wellness Center

This 4-story, 156,000 SQ FT health care facility provides high-quality confidential services to support the wellness of University of Virginia students. Learn More

Ultium Cells - Battery Cell Manufacturing - Electric Vehicle

Battery Cell Manufacturing Facility

We are providing construction services through an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach for a new lithium-ion electric vehicle battery cell manufacturing facility in Northeast Ohio. Learn More

Mako rollercoaster shows dramatic scale and features

Mako Rollercoaster

Barton Malow’s execution plan included demolition, dewatering, concrete placement, theming coordination, ride installation, and more for this iconic theme park attraction. Learn More

See What We Can Build For You

A community center that unites community residents. A manufacturing facility brings jobs to a struggling metropolis. A community hospital provides a place of healing. Whatever the project, we’re excited to be a part of the beginning of its success story.

Our Projects

  • Tampa Construction Market Leader
  • McLaren Greater Lansing healthcare project
  • Metro Detroit's Best + Brightest Companies
  • Barton Malow's Awards of Excellence Winners for 2022 - Builder: Brad Smith; Leader: Kelly Sternberg; Impact: Daniel Stone; Craftsman: Jim Huffman
  • ENR-winning Delta Energy Park
  • LIFTbuild floor lift
  • Read More