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Mission Critical

Mission Critical Construction Market image of Modern Data Center With Multiple Rows of Operational Server Racks. Modern High-Tech Database Super Computer Clean Room.

Building the Foundation of Your Digital Future

Data centers are the lifeblood of today’s information age. We understand how critical safeguarding your sensitive information is – from concept to completion. Our team prioritizes complete confidentiality throughout the mission critical design, construction, and commissioning process. We go beyond just building data centers – we build them for high performance and long-term success. Our expertise in Early Indicators for Future Success (EIFFS) ensures your facility is optimized for scalability, energy efficiency, and maximum uptime.

  • Data centers require creativity and innovation to be built successfully.
  • Our dedicated in-house commissioning managers plan with the end in mind. Integration of the plan starts in preconstruction, and collaboration with all parties is critical to success.
  • Industry-leading technical expertise in BIM/VDC helps redefine expectations in data centers.
  • Seamless integration of Barton Malow with clients and trade partners creates a dynamic and collaborative partnership.
  • Our team is no stranger to highly secure environments. We understand the challenges these facilities can have and are flexible enough to ensure your information is safe with us.
  • Through an inclusive technology-enabled workforce, we can scale innovation exponentially.
Experience in 41 States, Canada + Mexico

Barton Malow maintains long-standing relationships with a number of strategic partners proven in their ability to deliver speed-to-market services on projects across the country. Through early engagement, design-assist relationships, and integrated project delivery partnerships, Barton Malow creates highly effective project teams focused on delivering successful solutions for all project stakeholders.

Interested in learning more about Mission Critical? Joel Nickel will be leading work acquisition, future market strategies, and growth opportunities in the mission critical construction market.

Mission Critical National Leader
Joel Nickel